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Tips To Make Rustic White Bed

Making your own rustic white bed allows you to create unique real furniture that reflects your taste and effort, and is a great alternative to an overpriced deal rustic bed. Be creative with your design by using longer corner posts to raise your bed, put shelves or make it a bunk bed. Add rustic rails, headboards and skirting boards using natural parts to make a truly unique bed with rustic charm

Cozy White Bedroom

Cozy White Bedroom

You need:

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Image of: Cozy White Bedroom

Determine the size and design of your bed. For example, a typical king bed measures 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. Many rustic beds have natural, older or distressed wood, so creative in materials, preparations and potential patterns of your new bed. Line up your platform boards to make sure they fit into the frame. Adjust for placement so you don’t have to end up trimming a board. Do the same at the opposite end. If you do not use the X-strategy, you connect the four boards to the frame directly on the posts.

Make the frame by attaching four 2-times-4 discs to your chosen length running between the four services. Position your boards for the rustic bed platform across the frame, and nail them to the boards below to create your deck. Secure boards and make sure the frame is stable. If you choose to try bunk beds, you can nail four boards at the appropriate level and nail another set of bed boards. Make shelves or a storage room in the same way. Make headboard, baseboard and rails in your chosen style. Look for dead, hardwood branches that still have limbs attached. Find pieces that have the right angle, measurements and strength to fit in the dimensions of the plan.

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