Runner in the City, El Lissitzky, Tote Bag

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This tote bag is made from fabric custom-printed with Runner in the City, a 1926 photograph by El Lissitzky.

To create this photo — a model for a frieze at an urban sports club — Lissitzky combined shots of the runner, the track and hurdle, and the Times Square multiple-exposure into one print. Then he sliced it into strips.

The tote bag measures 15 x 15 inches, and uses box-style construction so it sits open for easy loading-up. Both the tote bag and its lining are 100% spun polyester weather-resistant fabric. The tough and comfortable dual handles are made of 100% bull denim cotton.

El Lissitzky

Lissitzky was a member of the Russian avant-garde — an artist, designer, photographer, architect — and a founder of suprematism, an art movement using basic geometric forms and few colors. He infused his work with his politics; he believed art should change the world. His work influenced the Bauhaus movement and 20th-century graphic design.


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