Honjo Shigenaga Parrying an Exploding Shell, Utagawa Kuniyoshi, Framed Poster

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This framed poster is a 12 x 16 inch print of Honjo Shigenaga Parrying an Exploding Shell, from a 19th-century woodblock print by Utagawa Kuniyoshi.

This version is printed in USA on museum-quality, archival, acid-free matte paper — 10.3 mil, 192 grams per square inch — with an opacity of 94% and ISO brightness of 104%. The poster is surrounded by a .75-thick, black, alder frame and covered with an Acrylite front protector. Hanging hardware is attached. Made in Los Angeles. 

Look at the photo of the unframed poster to get a better idea of the actual image quality. These framed mock-ups make everything look fuzzy. Also, the mock-ups sometimes make it look like there's a crease across the poster — there's not!

Utagawa Kuniyoshi

Utagawa Kuniyoshi was a great master of the ukiyo-e genre — the term translates as “picture of the floating world”. He created woodblock prints and paintings of beautiful women and landscapes, warrior scenes of the samurai, depictions of cats, Kabuki actors, mythical animals, and folk tales, and caricatures (varying his subjects depending on changing political climates).

Kuniyoshi's father was a silk dyer, and it’s thought that assisting his father as a pattern designer influenced Yoshikazu’s later artwork, with its rich colors and textile-like patterns. 

In Kuniyoshi’s series, One hundred and eight heroes of the popular Suikoden all told, he drew tattoos on the heroes and started a cultural fad.

Honjo Shigenaga

Honjo Shigenaga, a 16th-century Samurai, is known for betraying his clan because he felt underpaid for his heroic contributions in battle. Since the guy whose side he went over to refused to help him out, he eventually had to surrender to the people he’d betrayed and caused no end of trouble to, but they pardoned him, and life went on. 

He wielded the famous katana, Honjo Masamune, having captured it after it was used to split his helmet. He eventually had to sell it for 13 large gold coins when he ran out of money.


The source pixels of Hongo Shigenaga Parrying an Exploding Shell live on the Wikimedia Commons.

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