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King Size Canopy Beds Ideas

Ceilings add a romantic and exotic element to the bedroom. But king size canopy beds appliances are expensive and too fussy or large to suit a few bedrooms. You can quickly and easily create your own canopy bed look for a fraction of the cost. If you design a canopy bed for a small child, be aware that the chapel fabric should not extend to a length that the child can reach standing on the bed.

Antique King Size Canopy Beds

Antique King Size Canopy Beds

Two-Step Canopies

12 Inspiration Gallery from King Size Canopy Beds Ideas

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There are a couple of shortcuts no sewing to convert a bed into a king size canopy beds. One version is to start with a mosquito net. Center an eye hook over the bed and hang the net from the ceiling. You can add color and texture by weaving false flowers or leaves into the net or adding a poem or fabric trim to the circular frame holding the grid. Another quick method for canopy is to use bed covers as a base. Use several layers of skirt fabric, stretching them between the gable and eye hooks holding the fishing line in the roof.

Cascading Ceilings

A more comprehensive do-it-yourself canopy requires more work. Create a candy king size canopy beds by making a wooden frame the size of your bed. Staple, glue or Velcro fabric to the frame, using the fabric length measurement from the ceiling to the floor minus a few inches. The wooden crowns can wrap around all four corners, or just be four panels of fabric coming down from each corner of the frame. You can add gauzy coats of fabric that stretch horizontally between corners for a more romantic look. Attach the frame to the ceiling.

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