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Ideas of Boho Comforters

Boho comforters made with a solid color top are called whole fabric quilts. Quilters make the design with quilting seams, rather than relying on different colored blocks for interest and pattern. Veteran quilters often make whole fabric quilts as heirloom artwork. You can choose from hundreds of blanket designs, and you can combine any number of them to create your own personalized whole fabric pattern. Pay attention to details work on the piece and your reward will be a masterpiece.

Butterfly Bohemian Chic Bedding

Butterfly Bohemian Chic Bedding


24 Inspiration Gallery from Ideas of Boho Comforters

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Image of: Stripe Gypsy Bedding
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Image of: Elegant Bohemian Chic Bedding
Image of: Custom Gypsy Bedding
Image of: Cotton Gypsy Bedding
Image of: Concept Gypsy Bedding
Image of: Butterfly Bohemian Chic Bedding

Place your quilt stencil for the center of the bohemian comforters on top. Tape the edges down with masking tape if you need more stability. Use a sharp marking pen to mark all lines in the stencil on the blanket top. Move the stencil to the next section and select the lines there as well. Change the templates needed to create your design. Always work in the middle first and then move towards the outside. This will help prevent smearing lines or rubbing them. Place border stencils near the edge of the fabric and mark all boundaries with the marker pen. Creating a large quilt takes a toll on the edges; you may want to trim them when you are finished covering.


Place the barked and marked quilt in the nice comforters bow and quilt along each row that has been marked. Concentrate on stitching all the same size, rather than trying for the smallest stitches. Loosen the hoop and move it when you have sewn on all the stencil lines that you have marked in that part of the quilt. Move over to the next section so you can cover all of these lines. Continue quilting until you have quilted stitches on all lines throughout the quilt top.

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