Ceiling Designs, Jules-Edmond-Charles LaChaise and Eugène-Pierre Gourdet, Rectangular Pillow

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This 20 x 12 inch pillow is made from fabric custom-printed with late 19th-century ceiling designs by interior designers Jules-Edmond-Charles LaChaise and Eugène-Pierre Gourdet, who often worked for the French Empress Eugénie.

To make the pillow, the designs are printed onto special paper, and then transferred onto the fabric using heat and pressure. This sublimation process creates a soft, breathable, vibrantly colored material – the pattern becomes part of the fabric, it doesn’t just sit on top of it.

The fabric is pre-shrunk polyester — soft and durable, with a moisture-resistant coating. The pillowcase is machine washable, with a concealed zipper. The resilient polyester filling insert retains its shape, and can be washed by hand. Made in USA.


Design for the painted decoration of a coffered ceiling is graphite, watercolor, gouache, and gold paint on tracing paper. "Coffered" means having recessed panels.

Design for the painted decoration of a ceiling in strapwork and rinceaux is graphite, watercolor, and gouache. Strapwork is ribbon-like elements, rinceaux are continuous wavy stems with leaves.