Blowfish and Pickerel, Fish from American Waters, Allen & Ginter, Rectangular Pillow

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This 20 x 12 inch pillow features the Blowfish on one side and the Pickerel on the other side, both from collectible cards in Allen & Ginter's 1889 Fish from American Waters series. 

The design is printed onto special paper, and then transferred onto the fabric using heat and pressure. This sublimation process creates a soft, breathable, vibrantly colored material – the pattern becomes part of the fabric, it doesn’t just sit on top of it.

The fabric is pre-shrunk polyester — soft and durable, with a moisture-resistant coating. The pillowcase is machine washable, with a concealed zipper. The resilient polyester filling insert retains its shape, and can be washed by hand. Made in USA.

Allen & Ginter, in Richmond, Virginia, created the first cigarette cards to trade or collect. Their very many series included World's Smokers, Quadrupeds, World Beauties, and even Editors of U.S. newspapers.


Most blowfish are highly poisonous, even though the parts of them that probably possibly perhaps are not poisonous are considered a delicacy in Japan, Korea, and China.

Its scientific family is Tetraodontidae, for the four large teeth which it uses to crush the shells of hapless crustaceans. The family has a lot of fun names in it: pufferfish, balloonfish, blowfish, swellfish, toadfish, toadies, sea squab....


Pickerel and pike are members of the Esox family. They have torpedo-shaped bodies and sharp teeth. They eat smaller fish and, classically, are in turn eaten by bigger fish. Pike sometimes even eat smaller pike. They also eat insects, frogs, small mammals, ducklings, snakes – anything unlucky enough to be in the water nearby.

According to Wikipedia, “There are few substantiated incidents of pike ‘attacks’ on people.” They can grow to six feet long.


Visit the original pixels for this Blowfish and for the Pickerel at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's website.

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