Flying Fish, Fish from American Waters, Allen & Ginter, 15-Oz. Mug

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This 15-ounce mug features the Flying Fish from a collectible card in Allen & Ginter's 1889 Fish from American Waters series. 

Allen & Ginter, in Richmond, Virginia, created the first cigarette cards to trade or collect. Their very many series included World's Smokers, Quadrupeds, World Beauties, and even Editors of U.S. newspapers.

This mug is safe for use in dishwasher and microwave. The graphic is sublimation-printed for top quality. Made in USA.

Flying Fish

In order to escape predators, muscular flying fish can make powerful leaps out of the water and glide on their long winglike fins.

They normally glide around 160 feet, staying aloft for maybe 45 seconds, although if they catch a good updraft, they can go six or seven times as far. Their gliding can take them up to 20 feet above the water and up to speeds of around 40 mph.

The Latin name for Flying Fish, Exocoetidae, means "sleeping outside"— ancient people thought that flying fish slept outside of the water, on the shore.


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