Crab, Fish from American Waters, Allen & Ginter, 15-Oz. Mug

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This 15-ounce mug features the Crab from a collectible card in Allen & Ginter's 1889 Fish from American Waters series. 

Allen & Ginter, in Richmond, Virginia, created the first cigarette cards to trade or collect. Their very many series included World's Smokers, Quadrupeds, World Beauties, and even Editors of U.S. newspapers.

This mug is safe for use in dishwasher and microwave. The graphic is sublimation-printed for top quality. Made in USA.

Btw, fiddler crabs wave their one oversized arm to attract potential mates. And yes, most crabs do walk sideways.


Visit the original pixels for this crab at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's website.

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