Aurora, Goddess of the Dawn, In Castel Durante & Maestro Giorgio Andreoli, 15-Oz. Mug

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This 15-ounce mug features an early 16th-century design showing Aurora, Roman Goddess of the Dawn, flying across the sky as she does every morning, to announce the coming of Sol (her brother).

The mug is safe for use in dishwasher and microwave, and the graphic is sublimation-printed for top quality. Made in USA.

The original is a majolica plate, by a painter who signed him- or herself as "In Castel  Durante" (the modern-day town of Urbania, Italy). The luster — gold illumination — was applied by Maestro Giorgio Andreoli.


In majolica pottery, an opaque tin enamel hides the color of the clay, creating a white background that is then painted with colors. The technique is from the Middle East, but was imported to Italy via Majorca, and thus got the reputation of being from there and was thus called Maiolica. 


After welcoming each day by flying across the sky to announce her brother Sol, Aurora had enough time left over to enjoy a number of mortal lovers. She wanted her lover Tithonus, the Prince of Troy, to live forever, so she asked Jupiter to make him immortal. Jupiter did but then said, ha, you forgot to ask that he stay eternally young. So Tithonus became eternally old. So Aurora turned him into a cicada. 


A photo of the original plate is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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