Anomaly Panoply Is Back in All Its Beauteous Glory!

Wow! Life has been intense! I closed Anomaly Panoply for a couple of months while I was hip-deep in travel and trauma, changes and a desire to not promote consumerism... 

But we're open again... I could not consign our products to oblivion. They truly do make the world a better place, they are so so beautiful and bring so much pleasure -- and they let the forgotten art of artists who gave it their all shine and be loved.

So... after a fair number of planes, trains, busses, and shuttles going various directions, I find myself living in a one-room house on a tiny peninsula on one side of a bay in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, between two volcanoes, preparing to raise funds to save the lake from death-by-contamination. $40 million? Let's do it.

I'm joyfully reunited with my cats and dogs here -- Meesie, Popcorn, Claira, Luna, and Miel. I am getting my ducks in a row for working on various projects, including creating additional beauteous objects for Anomaly Panoply, a fair amount of work but at the end of the day work that lets me bask in beauty and replenishes the soul.


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