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September 11, 2019 Wood Bench

Basic Outdoor Wood Bench Plans

Outdoor wood bench can provide extra seating for outdoor events, as well as making a decorative. This bench is made of a piece of wood that is locate at each garden or home center.

Best Wood Bench

Best Wood Bench


The primary material for this simple outdoor bench is an 8-foot piece of 2-by-10 lumber. Choose a piece that has no cracks or large knots. Have the garden cut piece in half to make two 4-foot long pieces if you don’t have a vehicle big enough to pull an 8-foot piece safely. Use treat wood to leave your bench unfinished. You will need to prime and paint the bench if you choose to mount it from raw wood layers. Galvanized delay bolts 3 1/2 inches long suffice when attaching the legs to the outdoor wood bench. Waterproof wood glue ensures that everything stays firmly in all weather.

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Measure, mark and cut 2-by-10 pieces of timber to make two 4-foot-long pieces, if you don’t already have the wood cut wood. One of the four-meter pieces will make up on the outdoor wood bench, so put one of them aside. 16-inch-long legs come from the remaining piece of wood. Measure the center of the width of each leg and make a pencil mark 7 1/2 inches up from the end. Two diagonal lines drawn from this mark to 3 1/2 inches from each side of the bottom of the leg will make a triangle. When this piece is remove with circular saw, each leg will have two “feet”. Two triangular braces can be cut from leftover timber.


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