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Awesome Loft Bed Plans

Building Loft Bed Plans

August 26, 2019 Beds

Adult Loft Bed Ideas

Adding loft bed ideas to a small flat or one can both free up space for storage or other activities and give the design interest. Sometimes you can cut out two interesting areas – one bedroom loft that gives you a sense of further privacy, and an enclosed corner below that you can use as a reading corner, a computer area or even a space dedicated to your home.

Apartmen Loft Bed

Apartmen Loft Bed

Classic bedroom loft

12 Inspiration Gallery from Adult Loft Bed Ideas

Image of: Wooden Loft Bed
Image of: Wide Loft Bed
Image of: White Loft Bed
Image of: Stunning Loft Bed
Image of: Master Loft Bed
Image of: Luxury Loft Bed
Image of: Loft Bed Kit
Image of: Excellent Loft Bed
Image of: Cute Loft Bed
Image of: Custom Loft Bed
Image of: Cool Loft Bed
Image of: Apartmen Loft Bed

Where you have enough space and height, you can construct a “raised room” 2 meters (7 feet) or more over land living space. Ceilings of this kind must be robustly constructed using heavy beams, posts, at least 2.5 cm (1/2 inch) thick plywood flooring, a railing or fully enclosed walls. Eat it with a ladder.

Low sleeping loft

You cannot fit a classic sleeping loft into a space with a 2.5 meter (8 foot) or lower ceiling. You can still build a “low ceiling” 1.5 meters (5 feet) across the ground, releasing space underneath it for storage. Alternatively, one side of the low loft storage space; the other side creates a corner deep enough for a desk. You can buy the storage devices first, and then build the low loft above them. Access with a ladder or step, which also provides on-stair storage. You can build a platform of 90 cm (3 feet) high without railings; the space under the platform still provides a lot of storage, you no longer need a ladder or staircase. Alternatively, you can also create a custom storage cabinet that supports the mattress; you no longer need a separate platform.


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